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Divorce and separation from your spouse or partner can be a difficult process emotionally and financially. Worries about the children and your future can overwhelm you. These difficulties can often be made worse by the process you choose to resolve the issues.


At Redfearn Family Law, we offer a different way to divorce. A respectful way. One that is founded on listening, communication and working together rather than one of blaming and letting others (or yourself!) perpetuate your disputes. A process that focuses on the children, the issues and interests that are important to you. An honourable process that allows each of you to move on, while still being loving parents and/or respectful former spouses.


Divorce done differently.

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“We carefully listen to our clients and identify the interests that are important to them while lending our best expertise and advice. We will create a resolution process that best fits our clients’ needs and will work with them toward a principled and timely result.”

Doug Redfearn LL.B.



Divorce Mediator with separating couple

Doug Redfearn has been a Divorce Mediator in Burlington,Ontario for more than 20 years. Doug will act as a neutral third party and work with both partners to help you arrive at terms of settlement that are acceptable to each of you.

You can deal with issues of child custody and parenting; assets and debts; child support; spousal support or alimony.  Doug has even worked as a mediator to help couples negotiate the terms of a Co-habitation Agreement or Marriage Contract (sometimes called a “Pre-Nup”).

At the end of the process we can draft a final Separation Agreement that reflects the terms you have agreed to. You will each obtain advice on the drafted Separation Agreement from your own lawyer before signing.




Signing a Separation Agreement

Collaborative Practice is a “No Court” process in which each of you hires a lawyer specially trained in this method of Alternate Dispute Resolution.  The lawyers agree in writing that they will not take this matter to court and will not threaten to do so for leverage.

We will have a series of settlement meetings based on full financial disclosure and “interests based” negotiations (instead of  traditional “adversarial negotiations”).  You will have access to other Collaborative Professionals along the way if needed, such as Child Specialists, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Experts. Ultimately the lawyers will collaborate on creating a Separation Agreement that reflects the settlement you and your former partner achieved in the Collaborative Law process.


Doug Redfearn Lawyer

Doug Redfearn has been a Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer in Burlington, Ontario for over 30 years.  Despite being and experienced Family Law litigator and having been appointed by the Superior Court of Justice as a Dispute Resolution Officer,  Doug has learned that Family Court is not the ideal place for families to resolve their disputes. Doug will still go to Court if other options are not appropriate (for example an intransigent spouse or an unreasonable lawyer) and will advocate calmly and firmly for his clients. However, for most issues arising out of separation and divorce there are better, more humane processes available to you.

Doug is a life-long Burlington resident who successfully co-parented his family after his own Divorce 20 years ago and who is re-married and is happily blending two families, three generations and a dog named Lenny under one roof.  Doug is also a jazz musician who performs locally.  he supports the PerformingArts community and other worthy charities both locally and internationally.

We serve the Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and Waterdown and Greater Toronto areas.


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